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Web Pages Submision

h3zYour content will be included  Search Engine and Directoty Submission Service -- at no additional cost! 
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Social Media Submision


Your content will be included  Social Media Submission Service -- at no additional cost!
Quality Web Content Writing - will result in Website Traffic
Increasing quality Website Traffic it begins with the right website content -To have a shot at top placement in search engine, your web page needs to be ready for it. And that's something you can only achieve by TrafficXss valuable textual content on your web pages. 

What is Article Marketing and Blog Marketing?

When a potential customer reads a well-written article on the Internet, which pertains to a certain company's business website, the customer will be persuaded that other people can recommend that business as competent and responsible--the kind of company customers want to find when they are using search terms to look for products and services.

What is High Quality Article and Blog Marketing?

In order to be credible and reliable, an article must be genuine.  What attributes will result in an article that will be effective for a company's Article Marketing efforts?  The following traits have made Article Marketing a success for many companies in a variety of different market sectors:
  • The article must be clearly written by a professional writer, without obvious grammatical errors making it difficult to read and understand.

  • The writer should have a good sense of marketing techniques that bring results, because the purpose of the article is to drive traffic to the company's website for conversion into sales.

  • To be found by prospective customers, the article itself has to contain key words that will allow people searching for the company's products and services to find the article on the Internet through a normal word search.

  • The article must be placed into carefully chosen directories, news sites, or other websites that are relevant and commonly used by the company's prospective clients.

  • The content of the article has to be honest, so that it will ring true to the people reading it, and not be discarded as a biased sales pitch.

  • Good Article Marketing requires useful information benefiting people in need of the company's products and services.

  • A quality Article Marketing will be a new, original work, containing carefully thought out ideas, rather than things people already know, or words copied from other writing that already appears on the Internet.


Articale Marketing and Plecment

1Unique & Quality Articles Written

2Articles Search Engine Optimized

3Article Posting to TOP Article Directories

4Results in Quality Permanent Links Pointing to Your Website

5Boost your Search Engine Rankings

6FULL Article Marketing service

Blog Marketing and Promotion

1We Build and Manage Monthly New Blogs for you

2Blogs are Advertise to RSS Directory to Increase Traffic to your site

3Blog Content is Social Bookmarked

4Blog Pinging to TOP Blog Directories

53 Links per Blog Will Link Back to Your WebSite

6Text Links Use Your Target Keywords


How Article and Blog Marketing Works

As the potential customers read interesting Article Marketing material, they will be able to click on links within the article itself, which will take the customer to your company's website directly.  The customer, upon landing on the appropriate page, will see quickly that your company offers the advantages already discussed in the article, and that it is easy to order directly from your company all the valuable goods and services desired.

This, then, is effective, reliable Article Marketing on behalf of your company.  It is both economical and efficient, as well as the kind of honest and straightforward approach that will earn well-deserved respect and the loyalty of repeat customers.  The goal is to build a lasting clientele.

Locating a service that will offer new articles every month, which are fresh and will be placed carefully on the Internet where your prosp
 ective customers will easily find them, is the best first step to effective Article Marketing.

      Article Marketing & Blog Marketing We Do All the W
ork for You :

Keyword Research: Keyword Research means finding out the keywords for a particular search term. These keywords are the words which are used for searching information about a topic.
TrafficXs will help you to research the targeted keywords for your website.
Title tag optimization: Title tag optimization means optimizing the title tag of a website using the keywords in it. The most important keywords are used in the title tag to make it search engine friendly. We, at TrafficXs, will do optimization of the title tag for you.
Meta tag optimization: Meta tag optimization helps in optimization of your website. Meta tag is optimized by using the keywords in it. Right keywords in the Meta tag helps the search engine finds your website easily. TrafficXs provides the best Meta tag optimization service for its clients
Description optimization: Description optimization means optimizing your Meta description. We will find out the most important keywords for your website and use them in the description. We, at TrafficXs, will optimize your website’s Meta tag to provide you a better search engine ranking.
Website HTML Code: TrafficXs will work on your website’s HTML codes to optimize your website. We will modify them and add the keywords in different HTML codes to make it search engine friendly.
Proper keyword density: Proper keyword density means having the optimum keyword density in you web pages. Neither should you have more nor less keywords in a page than the optimum number. TrafficXs offers you web pages with proper keyword density.

Submission to Directories and Social  Media: TrafficXs  submit your web pages to various directories and social media. This helps in optimization of your website. Directory submission gets you more links which helps in increasing your PageRank. Submission to Social Network In addition to Directory Submission, your pages will also be featured on the Top Social Network Websites

Article Marketing and Blog Marketing Services - Start Geting Website Traffic! Bee Pollen Diet.

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3 Articale writings
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Increase website traffic, Content Writing Increase website traffic, Content Writing
Increase website traffic, Content Writing
Increase website traffic, Content Writing
Increase website traffic, Content Writing
Increase website traffic, Content Writing