Approximately five hours per week I work as an escort in Westchester . I have sex with about 75% of the men. Some men are more interested in my companionship. One customer I actually really really like. he is very good looking and is very gentle and nice to me. I think I have fallen in love with a little bit. He once give me a tip of 2500 euro and also bought me a Rolex watch. I was attracted by the excitement and the fashionable prejudices about the escort exist. Pure glamour. Environments that offer everything such as luxury, jacuzzis, champagne, a lot of money … and the interesting men you meet. I have met a lot of men that are interesting and whom have seen the world. Men from whom I can learn a lot and with whom I experienced a lot of fun.

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Right now, right this very second, I could have been in Barcelona.

I could have been gazing at the melting spires of the Temple of the Sagrada Família. I could have been taking a deep and satisfying siesta. I could have been eating paella, drinking Rioja, heading for the hills or even the Picasso Museum.

Oh and the money I could have made. Money money money worth a month’s salary. Money towards a down payment. And the baubles that would have been bought for me. And the luxury I would have luxuriated

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