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I had just closed my business for a little over 2 years, and were actively looking for a job in different sectors. I was then 42, and I heard the same answers tirelessly:

– you are too old, so difficult to train … look here,

In addition, my experience as a business leader, did not arrange things. I was judged, authoritarian, not malleable and resistant to orders (which, between us, is not quite wrong …)

I realized very quickly, that if I wanted to get out of it, I had to take things in my own hands and only counted on myself.

As the computer trades were growing, I bought a computer, and all the necessary tutorials to learn how to use the Internet.
I wanted to start creating websites.

The culinary art is one of my passions, so I decided to start by creating a site on French cuisine. It was not very beautiful of course, but the creation of this site allowed me to familiarize myself with internet tools and some software.

Then I attacked the referencing of the said site. Armed with my book on SEO, I proceeded methodically. But the result, did not live up to what I hoped …

The author of the book “How to refer to his website” had, at the end of the book, published his email address. So I decided to send him an email, explaining to him how I had proceeded and asked him what was wrong.

The answer was soon, and I got even more.

After this big step forward, and strong in my progress, nudity does not pose a problem, I started by creating my own sites of charm (I said charm, not porn). My site was at the top of most directories, and I was even elected “Mature Lady” of the year 2002.

The magazine “Online Mag” even devoted an interview of 8 pages to my amateur website.

At the same time, my love life was as flat at the time as the Gobi Desert, so I went to the main dating sites. I hoped, if I could not find love, to meet a companion with whom I could go a long way.

But tell me, these sites are humorous!
I can hardly believe that some find their half … I had chosen the main, but my research was unsuccessful, even disappointing … Fantasies, mythomaniacs, married men or desperate, constantly haunt such sites.

So I decided to create my own dating agency, virtual and real.

But the funds needed for such a project (I saw big as usual), were sorely lacking.

A friend told me about the sites of escorts that bloomed everywhere on the web, I decided to embark on the adventure, for, according to the formula, join the useful to the pleasant.

After all, I had all the arrangements to become a good escort girl:

– I loved sex, pleasure, and money.

But above all, I was single, and did not have to answer to anyone.

Thanks to this activity, I was going to satisfy my sexual desires, my fantasies, and be paid for it … She is not beautiful life?

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Approximately five hours per week I work as an escort in Westchester . I have sex with about 75% of the men. Some men are more interested in my companionship. One customer I actually really really like. he is very good looking and is very gentle and nice to me. I think I have fallen in love with a little bit. He once give me a tip of 2500 euro and also bought me a Rolex watch. I was attracted by the excitement and the fashionable prejudices about the escort exist. Pure glamour. Environments that offer everything such as luxury, jacuzzis, champagne, a lot of money … and the interesting men you meet. I have met a lot of men that are interesting and whom have seen the world. Men from whom I can learn a lot and with whom I experienced a lot of fun.

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Right now, right this very second, I could have been in Barcelona.

I could have been gazing at the melting spires of the Temple of the Sagrada Família. I could have been taking a deep and satisfying siesta. I could have been eating paella, drinking Rioja, heading for the hills or even the Picasso Museum.

Oh and the money I could have made. Money money money worth a month’s salary. Money towards a down payment. And the baubles that would have been bought for me. And the luxury I would have luxuriated

long island escorts.